We know that clean energy is heat and electricity produced from renewable sources, generating little or no pollution or emissions. These technologies such as Solar Electricity, Biomass Heating, Wind Energy, provide clean and renewable sources of power from local sources of energy, which are sustainable over time rather than finite sources like traditional fossil fuels. 'Pahel' through its respective clean energy initiatives aims to reduce community dependancy on exhaustible sources of energy gradually shifting towards renewable and alternative sources of energy which ensure sustainable consumption keeping in view the needs of future generations as well. The initiatives go in accordance with 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) set up by UNICEF during UN Sustainable Development Summit held in September, 2015.

1. UdyaMe

‘UdyaMe’ is a ground breaking community business plan to efficiently deliver health, hygiene and clean energy products/services to rural households through a robust network of ‘Village Level Entrepreneurs’ (VLEs) with intent to raise a sustainable social business model where village women would be the epicenter of a ‘health renaissance’ in rural India.

2. SPEED (Smart Power for Environmentally Sound Economic Development)

Growing electricity requirements and rapid urbanization in city areas has created a rift in the delicate power demand-supply balance which has adversely affected electricity supplies in rural areas. Hence, an alternate yet smart source of energy was earnestly needed at this hour. Understanding this necessity of synchronized power supply for households and micro-enterprises in rural areas New Delhi based social development organization ‘Technology and Action for Rural Advancement’ (TARA) along with Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh based social enterprise ‘Pahel Livelihoods’ and not for profit organization ‘People’s Action for National Integration’ (PANI) joined hands to establish Solar Power plants in selective districts of Eastern UP ensuring efficient power supply to households (HHs) and commercial enterprises in these areas.
This highly ambitious solar energy project named ‘Smart Power for Environmentally Sound Economic Development’ (SPEED) was decided to be launched at 10 sites of three Eastern UP districts namely Bahraich, Balrampur and Shravasti with every plant having a capacity of 30 KVA each.

3. FIRE (Feasible Innovations for Renewable Energy)

‘Pahel’ with its ambitious ‘FIRE’ programme aims to provide eco-friendly green energy solutions to rural households and enterprises, so that our excessive dependency on natural/exhaustive resources can be efficiently neutralized with few proficient ‘alternate’ ones that together play a vital role in restraining depletion of natural reserves now left with us. The project also aims to reduce black carbon emission from rural households and commercial units via providing them cost effective carbon palettes, bricked and clean cooking stoves which are known for their efficiencies and zero pollution traits. The project intends to do this via facilitating local entrepreneurs with basic training and expertise to set up their own palette/bricked/clean cooking stove manufacturing units in their local areas.