A person's livelihood refers to their "means of securing the basic necessities - food, water, shelter and clothing- of life". Livelihood is defined as a set of activities, involving securing water, food, fodder, medicine, shelter, clothing and the capacity to acquire above necessities working either individually or as a group by using endowments (both human and material) for meeting the requirements of the self and his/her household on a sustainable basis with dignity. The activities are usually carried out repeatedly. For instance, a farmer's livelihood depends on the productivity and sale of his crop.
The concept of Sustainable Livelihood (SL) is an attempt to go beyond the conventional definitions and approaches to poverty eradication. It is now recognized that more attention must be paid to the various factors and processes which either constrain or enhance poor people’s ability to make a living in an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable manner. In its attempt to achieve the same, 'Pahel' through its social innovations such as 'UdyaMe', 'Sakhi Sahyog' and 'Chai Chaupal' ensures sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural men and women making them self reliant for affording their day to day livelihood needs. A detailed description of all our similar initiatives has been provided below:

Sakhi Sahyog

‘Sakhi Sahyog’ programme rests on the concept of ‘microfinance’ where families with women as their head of family units are provided adult female goats through PLG i.e. ‘Pahel Livelihoods Group’. The group comprising of 8-10 women beneficiaries are directly financed with these livestock straight under the programme. These fertile goats almost ready to produce off-springs are then reared and bred to deliver kids which are nurtured by the owner for her livelihood stake. ‘Pahel’ in return for these livestock takes fixed installments from beneficiaries on a weekly basis for a maximum return period of three years. Post successful completion of installment period the beneficiary would gradually become the owner of their livestock completely free to rear or even sell the off-springs according to their own will. In case, the owner wants to sell their offspring from mother goat the organization would encourage them to sell kids preferably at their associated ‘Sakhi Sahyog’ goat farm so that other needy families too may get benefit from this noble livelihood program.

Chai Chaupal

It is a concept with provision of providing ‘customized tea stalls’ with intent to promote village level enterprise for generating sustainable livelihood opportunities for identified and trained entrepreneurs from within the rural community. This model has been designed not only for creating solely chosen enterprises of individuals, but to establish linkages with the community making this an ideal tool for livelihood generation. A unit of ‘Chai Chaupal’ includes provision of a branded tea stall, utensils required for cooking and storage, tea cups, cooking stoves - cylinder and a branded umbrella for comfort of costumers.