Taking "giving" to the doorstep of individuals, our payroll giving programme offers companies and their employees an easy and tax-effective way of giving to the cause of their choice through payroll. The programme encourages both company and employee involvement and compliments the company's goal of supporting local community initiatives. All the donations go through strict legal, fiscal and financial checks undertaken by our grant making team to ensure that the contributions given by the employees are utilized in an efficient and effective manner. Annual updates are sent to the employees to help the employees stay in touch with the cause and NGO they are supporting.

Cause-related marketing is one of the fastest growing business marketing strategies in India. Increasingly in this era of global competition, companies must fight for consumer recognition and loyalty. Simply offering a quality product or service does not guarantee success in the twenty-first century. Companies must look for innovative ways to distinguish themselves in the market. One successful strategy is cause-related marketing. Partnership with a worthwhile cause attracts consumers, who when faced with roughly equal products or services, choose one that has an impact on an issue they care about. As a non-profit or charity, 'Pahel' provides the cause that many companies wish to partner with.

'Pahel' collaborates with various colleges to organize workshops on social entrepreneurship to encourage local entrepreneurs and students to design sustainable community development projects. Through our project 'VillNet', we organize career-counseling sessions for unemployed - unskilled rural youth, and help them identify careers that are best suited to their personality. 'Pahel' also has respective projects to create health awareness and provide the underprivileged with free health check-ups, medicine and treatment in the rural areas of various districts in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Today, more and more corporate leaders are turning to volunteer employee programs as a key strategy to help realize their business goals while positively engaging their employees in helping to meet the needs of the local community. Promoting employee engagement is thus part of the ongoing evolution taking place in the private sector to move beyond a sole focus on the bottom line to becoming socially responsible corporate citizens. With more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently supporting some form of employee volunteer program, 'Pahel' invites public - private companies to adopt this affirmative trend which would ensure them a work culture more healthy and 'socially responsible' in its pure essence.