Story oF Sitapati from Raipatti Village, Faizabad

Mrs. Sitapati, a resident of Amaniganj, Faizabad is one of the exemplary stories from one of ‘Pahel’s clean energy initiatives named ‘UdyaMe’ i.e. ‘I RISE’. The initiative, impacting hundreds of rural lives in Raipatti region of Amaniganj block, Faizabad, helps villages adopt improved cooking and home lighting solutions. Owning a small piece of land in the area, daily wage earners Sitapati and husband Uday Raj struggled hard to meet their day to day needs. Finding it hard to manage standard health and livelihood conditions for themselves, Sitapati lead from the front and decided to do something beyond the traditions and rural customs. Registering herself as a ‘Village level Entrepreneur’ (VLE) for ‘Pahel’s ‘UdyaMe’ Programme for clean energy, Sitapati found her way to financial freedom and liberty for her family.
Meeting rural households and women of her community, she has made them aware about health, environmental and financial benefits of various clean energy products such as Clean Cook stoves, Solar Lights and Water Filters.
Prior to being an ‘UdayMe’, Mrs. Sitapati was an active member of an SHG (Self Help Group) within her village, taking active participation in all of the activities and the ground level work carried out within the group. She used to take small amount of loans from her SHG that helped her afford essential health and livelihood products for her household. After learning about ‘Pahel’s visionary ‘UdyaMe’ programme for clean energy and livelihood, she decided to dedicate her full time working as a VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) for the programme promoting various household products endorsed under the same. Working as an ‘UdyaMe’ with ‘Pahel’ she has now been able to afford education for her child and her husband has also been cured of his long-term long illness with due medication as her financial condition has improved. Her only child even gets a pocket money to buy toffees for himself and now they are living happily.

Story oF Master Mohri from Laliya Village, Balrampur

23-year-old ‘Mohri’ is one of many the exemplary stories of ‘Pahel’s ‘SPEED (Smart Power for Environmentally Sound Economic Development) Project’ for Solar Energy which is impacting hundreds of rural lives in Terai region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Mohri, son of Mr. Munshi is a tailor by profession and lives in Laliya village of Balrampur. Tailoring is his main source of income. Owning a motor-operated sewing machine, Mohri’s most of stitching work was totally dependent upon power supply. Till the time there was uninterrupted power supply, his motor operated sewing machine stitched one complete dress in an hour earning him a meager amount of Rs 6000 per month. Having a big family, this amount was certainly not enough for him to feed every member of his family adequately.

It was only after SPEED Project was initiated in Lalia, Balrampur that his life changed. Getting a ‘Solar Motor’ of 90 Watts capacity, Mohri was now able to sew more than 4 dresses in an hour. Paying a marginal bill of Rs 500 for the solar motor which comes with a backup 10 hours, he was now able to earn around Rs 9000 by the end of the month. This sincere decision not only helped him economically but also relieved him of all the unnecessary hassles of low voltage and line tripping. Now he is prominently known as Mohri ‘Master’ of Lalia village with ‘solar power’, which makes him stand out amongst the other local entrepreneurs who are still struggling with power cuts and low voltage supplies. Mohri Master’s all 4 children happily go to school and even get pocket money from Mohri to buy toffees for themselves.

Story of Jai Kumari from Bheenti, Ambedkarnagar district

Mrs Jai Kumari, a resident of Bheenti, Ambedkarngar district is one of the exemplary stories from ‘Pahel’s’ clean energy initiative named ‘UdyaMe’. It shows how powerfully this initiative has impacted the lives of the women by empowering them and making them financially independent. Mrs Jai Kumari, today, is a true inspiration to all her friends and relatives who struggle hard to manage standard health and livelihood conditions for themselves and aspire to live a contended life.
Owning a small land, Jai Kumari and her husband Ram Bahadur Singh were definitely not in a good financial position and struggled to maintain even basic health and hygiene conditions for her large family which includes her 7 young daughters. To live a more financially independent and contended life, Jai Kumari decided to become a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) with ‘Pahel’s‘ ‘UdyaMe’ program to earn a sustainable livelihood and support this noble cause.

Having used the ‘Clean Cookstove’ herself, she did feel a substantial change in terms of the speed of cooking and the less amount of wood used. Now, she is enthusiastically motivating the women of her community about the benefits of the stove, water filter and solar lamps and has generated awareness about the environmental and financial benefits of using these products.
Being a part of this program has paved her way to financial sustainability and independence. Inspite of owning a shop where she sells wood, she still believes in the idea of clean cook stove which uses less amount of wood and is concerned about the excessive amount of carbon emission in the environment.

After learning about this noble initiative, she has been a very active member of this program, promoting the various products under this program and even motivating other women to join this initiative and live a more sustainable life. Working as an UdyaMe, she has been able to afford proper health and hygiene facilities for her family and they now live a happy and prosperous life. She herself has gained more recognition and acceptance in the community she belongs to and holds her head high as she not only earns a livelihood but also contributes to the conservation of the environment. The financial conditions of her family have drastically improved and now all her 7 daughters go to school and live happily.

Story of Dr. SP Pandey, Laxmipur block, Maharajganj

This story hails from Laxmipur block of Maharajganj district where infant death rate, due to Diarrhea, is alarmingly high. In this remote block of Maharajganj lives Mr. SP Pandey, a Rural Medical Practitioner (RMP) having his small clinic at Bhaisahia chauraha, Adda Bazar of Laxmipur. Deeply concerned by the rising infant death toll due to Diarrhea, Mr. Pandey reached out to ‘Pahel’ to partner with its ‘Essential Medicine Programme’ (EMP) for Diarrhea alleviation through combined therapy of Zinc and ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution).

Meeting concerned Tehsil Coordinator (TC) from team ‘Pahel’, Mr. Pandey learned more and more about the role of Zinc-ORS in the effective treatment of Diarrhea. As he was convinced with this combined therapy, he started placing his stock orders with the concerned TC. Prescribing Zinc syrup/tablets and ORS solutions to infants approaching him, Mr. Pandey ensured effective treatment of the disease at first stage itself, helping many children cope up timely from this deadly disease.
Being an integral part of EMP has not only uplifted his reputation in the area but has also strengthened his monthly earnings as more patient footfalls are being registered at his clinic now days. Furthermore, Mr. Pandey has his own medical store which helps him ensure timely supply of these life saving products to the families approaching him from remotest areas of Laxmipur block, Maharajganj thereby spreading awareness amongst the masses over the role of Zinc-ORS combined therapy in Diarrhea.

There is a saying; that “Every man is the architect of his own fate” and Mr. Pandey has certainly proven that. It was his honest approach towards his duties that helped him create his fate, unmatchable to any other RMPs from his area.

Story of Sangeeta & Shanti from Khalilabad block, Sant Kabir Nagar district

Baathipar Pathin, a remote village in Gorahi post, Khalilabad block, Sant Kabir Nagar district stands a witness to the life saving story of toddlers, Khushi and Adarsh. Khushi, daughter of Sangita and Vijaynath had been seriously infected by diarrhea for more than a week, which endangered her life and took her closer to the jaws of death. Mother Sangita, in the absence of her migrant husband who worked as a labor in Ludhiana, Punjab had to do something quick in order to save her child from this dangerous situation. Looking for instant medical aid for the ailing Khushi, Sangita visited a local Rural Medical Practitioner (RMP) who prescribed Khushi a complete dose of Zinc-ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) combined therapy. Earnestly serving Khushi with prescribed ORS solution and Zinc syrup, Sangita saved her little daughter from the deadly infection of Diarrhea.

After a few days, Sangita heard about her neighbor Shanti’s son, Adarsh in poor health. One afternoon Sangita took out some time and visited Shanti’s place to see her son Adarsh. To her surprise, Sangita found Adarsh too showing same symptoms as were depicted by Khushi when she was infected with Diarrhea. Sangita, worried by Adarsh’s deteriorating health, detailed Shanti about the miraculous treatment of Khushi with the help of Zinc-ORS therapy. Sangita bought Adarsh, Zinc and ORS from a local RMP with Shanti serving him the right Zinc-ORS doses for the prescribed time duration (10 days).
Adarsh was fit and fine now, and so was Khushi. The Zinc-ORS combined therapy worked perfectly for both. Just like Khushi and Adarsh, millions of children between 0-5 years are cured of Diarrhea every day with the help of Zinc and ORS. ‘Pahel’ through its multiple community initiatives, also including distribution of Zinc-ORS in multiple districts of Uttar Pradesh, is committed to improve the health standards of rural India.